Cloud Services & Office 365

Cloud services & Office 365: taking technology to the next level

Storing your data physically in an office is starting to look old-fashioned. More and more, organisations are moving their information to the cloud. At Andromeda Solutions, we’ll look at your infrastructure and plan that journey for you. Working in Middlesbrough, Darlington, throughout Teesside and Newcastle, we cover the North East.

Using a cloud readiness assessment, we’ll tell you about the opportunities and benefits your business can realistically expect, and what everything’s going to cost. Then, if you’re happy to go ahead, we can migrate your servers into the cloud using Microsoft’s platform, Azure.

As well as designing the cloud infrastructure, we’ll maintain and support it – taking care of key resources linked to networking, security, server deployments and virtual machine deployments.

Often the journey starts with the phone system 3CX, hosted in Azure. It’s a great introduction to reducing overheads and getting away from traditional systems. Companies with a global presence find that cloud services are much more accessible, allowing people to make a connection from anywhere in the world.

But if the move isn’t what you expected, rest easy: it’s not irreversible. You can always go back to an on-premise set-up if you wish.

Office 365

In addition, we offer the full range of Microsoft Office 365 services – including Business Premium, Business Essentials and Exchange Online Plan 1 – at competitive rates.

You won’t need to commit to a Microsoft one-year contract, either. We’ll deliver the same service, with the equivalent annual discount, but on a monthly rolling basis.

And if you’re looking to move from Microsoft Exchange on premise, we can transfer everything – existing emails, calendars, you name it – quickly and seamlessly to the cloud with the latest migration software.

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