IT Solutions and Support

Based in Middlesbrough, with offices in York and Gateshead, we provide a complete range of IT Services and IT Support to Business and Home customers Nationwide.

Whether you’re a business planning a major overhaul of its network or need IT support, or a home customer whose PC is playing up, our experienced engineers can help solve any issues at a competitive price. This isn’t just about the bottom line to us. We love our work and we hope you’ll love it too.

"We want our customers to be wowed"

A message from Peter Summerhill, Managing Director:

“I’m not from a home computer environment. I’m from a global corporate IT background, looking after environments with hundreds of servers around the globe. Every business I’ve worked for has taught me that IT is critical.

“I’m actually passionate about it. Sometimes I’ll find an IT product and months later, one of the big companies will buy it because they’ve seen how good it is."

“At heart, we’re experienced IT professionals who care about our customers. We want to do a good job. We want customers to be wowed by the technology and see the benefits.

“Most of all, we’re constantly nurturing technology and relationships. That’s why our customers get a first-class service.”

The IT Experts

Andromeda Solutions has a personality all its own. We’re not some faceless IT company – in fact, we’re proud of our unique selling points.

First-class service

Our customers aren’t just account numbers to us. We care about them, talk with them and build relationships that go beyond business.

No middlemen

Got a problem? Then you’ll have direct contact with senior engineers, who’ll set about finding a solution as quickly as possible.


Our philosophy is that this isn’t just a job. We love what we do. If a customer’s got a problem, we’ll never turn our backs on them.

A competitive attitude

We form strong relationships with suppliers and pass on the savings on to our customers. That way, we get repeat business and long-lasting partnerships.


We apply the best practices of massive, corporate IT systems to the SME space. Result? Less downtime and they’re more efficient.


We’ll always be frank with you. We won’t sell you something you don’t need, because that’s only going to lead to headaches on our part.

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