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‘No fix, no fee’ IT support for your home

You’re at your wits’ end. Something’s gone horribly wrong with your home computer system. If you’re in North East England, you can stop worrying now. Andromeda Solutions is here to help.

Call us up and our friendly, professional staff will visit your home the same day. The call-out is free, so you’ll only pay for the work we do. 

If it’s more convenient, you can visit our office instead.

Desktops, laptops, home networking, printers… 

Viruses, software issues, operating systems, upgrades… 

Whatever the problem is, we’ll make you a promise. 

Home IT Support – No fix, no fee. Guaranteed!

Your computer problems solved

Most of the time, we’ll resolve matters in less than an hour. Plus, we don’t talk in technical jargon. We’ll keep everything simple and explain what’s going on in layman’s terms. 

Internet not working? A crucial Word document not opening? Printer failing to respond? Laptop not updating like it should? We’re confident we can solve the problem. More than that, we’re proud of our five-star service. 

Just look at the glowing reviews our customers have left on Google and social media. 

Right across the North East including Middlesbrough, Stockton, Hartlepool, Sunderland, Durham, Redcar, Darlington – Andromeda Solutions’ clients are more than satisfied.

So, don’t let your home computer problems get you down. Get in touch and we’ll talk about fixing them – in simple language. 

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