PC Virus Removal

Remove PC Viruses

It’s all too easy for a virus to infect your computer – and when it does, it can be devastating.

At the very least, viruses and other types of malware will cause your PC to stop working properly.

And there are other warning signs. If you’ve visited the wrong website, for example, you might be lumbered with a browser hijacker that keeps redirecting you. At Andromeda Solutions, we’re experts at removing viruses. In addition, we’ll offer you guidance and point you towards products that will keep you safe.

Computer Viruses – Finding the best remedies

Some infections are particularly unpleasant. You may suddenly find that your files are encrypted – in which case, we’ll unencrypt them.

Or you might need a spam filter, since you’ve been signed up to unsavoury mailing lists that bombard you with pornography and other upsetting content. When problems arise, we can help you remove the virus, recover your data and get your system back up and running.

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