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Is your computer’s memory on the blink?

When it comes to hardware issues you may notice issues such as Windows not working correctly. Potentially a printer or scanner is malfunctioning and you’re unsure of the solution. Alternatively, if an application simply just won’t install, this is likely down to a software problem. This is the perfect time to speak with Andromeda Solutions for information and guidance on software and hardware repair.

Based in Middlesbrough we work right across Teesside going even further towards Durham and Darlington. Our methodology involves a straightforward process of diagnosing, triage and the identification of any hardware or software problems. Memory issues are no problem to identify and fix. Should problems surround the actual brains of the system, Central Processing Unit (CPU), we will provide the right solution. 

The Best Hardware & Software

Perhaps you know what’s required in terms of software and hardware repairs or upgrades. If this is the case then come to us. Not only will we do our best to find specifically what you need, it’s usually at a lower price than you’d find on your own. With a strong reputation throughout Middlesbrough and beyond, we highly recommend visiting our Google Reviews. When it comes to hardware repairs, Andromeda Solutions have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you’re back up and running in no time. We have the ability to source the most effective hardware solution via the entire UK. Our goal is to track down the cheapest components for you. At the same time, we can arrange fitting and services whilst taking care of your warranty.

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