VOIP Telephone Systems Gateshead

VoIP Systems Gateshead

Explore a path to revitalised telephony with VoIP systems, the linchpin for cost-effective and versatile communication. Specialising in VoIP systems, Andromeda Solutions stands out as a beacon of expertise, particularly for businesses scattered through Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington, Durham, and the expansive North East. Engage in a discussion with our seasoned team to delve deeper into your unique requirements.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems ingeniously transmute your voice into a digital signal, propelling it across broadband lines as data. Deviating from traditional wires and cables, VoIP grounds itself firmly in software-based systems, emerging as an impeccable, financially prudent solution for businesses. Our pricing remains fiercely competitive, ensuring that, bolstered by our access to premier technology, your business transitions to a VoIP system smoothly and swiftly.

VoIP System Installation

Embark on a journey of optimal communication with Andromeda Solutions, where we unveil two streamlined paths towards VoIP system installation. Choose a traditional installation on your premises, utilising our robust server infrastructure, or opt for a contemporary Cloud-based setup, harnessing the power of platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Amazon Web Services.

Pride emanates from our partnership with 3CX, an award-winning VoIP software developer, where we’ve attained the highest level of certification, illustrating our profound expertise in the field. Our burgeoning reputation is transparently showcased through the positive feedback on our Google and Facebook reviews.

As an expert partner of 3CX, our certification speaks volumes about our capabilities, ensuring that your VoIP system installation is not only seamless but also supported by industry-leading technology and expertise.

VoIP Services

Embrace a plethora of dynamic features with a mere annual hosting fee, navigating through functionalities such as call recording, voicemail, a digital receptionist, call queuing, ring groups, and unlimited extensions. Your journey begins with an in-depth initial consultation and potential audit, where we unravel every detail of our VoIP services, ensuring clarity and alignment with your requirements. Explore further and book online for additional insights.

Alternatively, discover our one-off perpetual cost option, complemented by a modest yearly maintenance fee. Recognising that your choice must harmonise with your business operations, we are dedicated to forging the optimum pathway for your company, delighted to discuss this in a face-to-face meeting at your premises.

High Quality VoIP Systems

Navigating the realms of VoIP technology, Andromeda Solutions partners with preeminent providers in the sector, ensuring your communication is not just seamless but also innovative. Our handsets, crafted meticulously by Yale Link, along with SIP trunks – your system’s lifeline to the external communication world – are sourced from the esteemed Gamma Communications.

At Andromeda, we sculpt our VoIP services to dovetail perfectly with your specific needs, embodying affordability and intuitive design, whilst sitting at the forefront of technological advancements and including inclusive bundled minutes. Driven by a competitive spirit, we constantly explore avenues to finesse costs without compromising quality. From the heart of Gateshead and Newcastle to spanning the entirety of the UK, we assure a VoIP solution sculpted just for you.

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