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Is your computer’s memory playing up?

In the realm of hardware issues, you might observe complications like Windows misbehaving. Perhaps a printer or scanner is acting up, and the solution is elusive. Or, if an application simply refuses to install, it’s probably a software issue. This is an ideal moment to consult Andromeda Solutions for advice and direction on software and hardware repairs.

Situated in Gateshead, we serve Tyne and Wear, Newcastle, Sunderland, Darlington, Durham and the entirety of the North East. Our approach involves a straightforward process of diagnosis, triage, and identification of any hardware or software hitches. Memory troubles are a breeze to spot and rectify. Should issues pertain to the actual brain of the system, the Central Processing Unit (CPU), we’ll deliver the right solution.

The Best Hardware & Software

Perhaps you’re well-acquainted with what’s needed regarding software and hardware repairs or upgrades. If so, do pop by. We not only endeavour to find precisely what you need, but it’s typically at a more competitive price than you might locate independently. Boasting a robust reputation across Middlesbrough and further afield, we warmly invite you to peruse our Google Reviews.

When it comes to hardware repairs, Andromeda Solutions holds the proficiency and knowledge to ensure you’re operational again in a flash. We can pinpoint the most efficient hardware solutions throughout the entire UK. Our aim is to hunt down the most cost-effective components for you. Concurrently, we can coordinate fitting and services while managing your warranty.

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