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York Server Upgrades

When it comes to planning a server upgrade or acquiring brand-new server infrastructure for your latest venture, Andromeda Solutions is the answer you’ve been seeking.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we excel at configuring server infrastructure with pinpoint accuracy and ensuring proper licensing compliance. Our specialisation lies in Microsoft servers, guaranteeing that your Windows operating systems and associated licenses are always up-to-date. To engage in a discussion about server upgrades with our knowledgeable and passionate team, reach out to our experts today.

At Andromeda Solutions, we recognise the crucial importance of executing server setups with the correct licenses. Failing to do so can lead to severe penalties. Our expert team possess an in-depth understanding of client access licenses (CAL) and application licenses like SQL. He is more than willing to have a conversation with you on this topic. Book an online session to delve into server licensing with a member of our team.

Server Upgrades: Physical to Virtual

Upgrading legacy server operating systems is a key step in modernising businesses. As an increasing number of companies transition from physical to virtual servers, we have the expertise and cutting-edge virtual migration tools to breathe new life into your computer systems. Upon completion of this transition, you’ll experience reduced overhead costs through more efficient data centre management.

With our company’s wealth of experience in server sizing, scaling, and data growth prediction, we can confidently assure you that our servers and server upgrades will endure as long as you require them to.

Server Upgrade Specialists

Andromeda Solutions maintains offices in various locations, including York, Middlesbrough, Teesside, Darlington, Durham, and across North Yorkshire, providing nationwide coverage throughout the UK. Our dedicated engineers are prepared to travel to your premises, leaving no aspect of your server upgrade untouched. Whether you’re embarking on a five-year or ten-year project, Andromeda Solutions will ensure that your servers are precisely sized and configured to meet your needs.

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