IT Networks and Connectivity York

York IT Networks and Connectivity

Andromeda Solutions excels at designing and constructing networks from the ground up, whilst also possessing the expertise to expand a network or link disparate sites together.

Should your existing network need a refresh, we’ve got North Yorkshire, from York to Leeds, comprehensively covered. First off, we’ll conduct a thorough audit, spotlighting any bottlenecks and potential areas for improvement, considering that a typical network encompasses various elements like firewalls, routers, switches, and wireless access points, among others.

We facilitate the implementation of local area networks (LAN) and wireless local area networks (WLAN), providing troubleshooting, installation, and repair services. In fact, we’re affiliated with one of the leading tech firms, Cisco, offering Cisco Meraki kit and boasting a team of Cisco-certified engineers.

Furthermore, should a company have sites distributed across the nation, we have the capability to interconnect them using site-to-site virtual private networks, and organise nationwide Wi-Fi deployments on the back of that

IT Networks and Communications

Andromeda delivers dependable, swift internet leased lines, telephone lines, SIP trunks (utilised in internet telephony to connect you to the external world), and business broadband.

Being partnered with Gamma Communications – a sizeable, national, wholesale provider of these lines – enables us to extend notable value. We’re competitive.

Our meticulously designed networks are rapid and reliable, ensuring maximum uptime. We assure their resilience by constructing them without a single point of failure. In essence, we can construct anything from a straightforward network utilising a single internet connection, to a sophisticated network assuring 100% uptime and seamless failover.

In straightforward terms, this entails two internet connections; thus, if one connection fails, the alternative automatically springs into action.

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