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Is your computer’s memory giving you headaches?

When grappling with hardware issues, you might notice things like Windows not behaving as it should. Perhaps a printer or scanner is on the fritz and you’re puzzled about how to resolve it. Alternatively, if an application simply won’t install, it’s quite likely a software glitch. This is the prime time to chat with Andromeda Solutions for guidance on software and hardware repair.

Situated in York, we operate across the entirety of North Yorkshire and even stretch our services towards York, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle. Our methodology engages a straightforward process of diagnosis, triage, and pinpointing any hardware or software issues. Identifying and mending memory issues is no bother for us. Should problems revolve around the system’s actual brains, the Central Processing Unit (CPU), we will present the right solution.

The Best Hardware & Software

Perhaps you’re already clued up on what’s needed in terms of software and hardware repairs or upgrades. If so, do pop in to see us. We not only strive to find exactly what you require, but it’s often at a more pocket-friendly price than you might discover on your own. With a sterling reputation throughout Middlesbrough and beyond, we heartily recommend a glance at our Google Reviews.

In the realm of hardware repairs, Andromeda Solutions possesses the expertise and know-how to get you back up and running. We have the capability to source the most effective hardware solutions throughout the entire UK and our objective is to seek out the most cost-effective components for you. Concurrently, we can organise fitting and services, all whilst safeguarding your warranty.

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