Top 5 Reasons to Pick up the Phone

Top 5 Reasons to Pick up the Phone

In the modern world each business day is guided by a multiude of emails and text messages as a quick, viable way to communicate. With ease of use and the availability of such technologies, we sometimes forget the benefits of taking time out to pick up the phone. Today we’re investigating the ‘personal touch’ approach and how it’s made easy with the likes of VoIp services (voice over internet protocol) and 3CX.

Number 1: People like the personal touch

Picking up the phone to speak with someone requires taking time out of your day. The question to ask is ‘are your clients worth this time’? They absolutely are of course! Having a verbal conversation shows not only you have the time, but that you’re invested, attentive and able to demonstrate high levels of customer service.

Number 2: Information is relayed faster

Emails and text messages are great. Within 30 seconds, you’ve conveyed your message to the other end. How is your message perceived though? Is it necessarily in the way you meant? By the time you’re on with your next task, a response could be ready and waiting in your inbox evoking further questions. When making a phone call you’re able to relay information, take feedback and get on with the rest of your day. Quite simply, there’s no back and forth.

Number 3: Phone calls offer authority

How do you feel when receiving a letter? This traditional method of relaying information is one of authority and the same can be said for a phone call. Delivering a message with your voice is a definitive and trustworthy way of ensuring your company and clients are on the same page.

Number 4: Video calls can be cumbersome

Over the last couple of years many of us have become used to the likes of Teams and Zoom. A lot of companies continue using these as a viable way of communication where face-to-face meetings aren’t possible. That said, a video call isn’t always necessary, or comfortable! Depending on the context of a conversion, video calls can sometimes be awkward with a phone call proving the better solution.

Number 5: Cost isn’t an issue

Prior to now, landline calls were anything but cheap, especially when calling abroad. That’s no longer the case, especially with the use of VoIP. For minimum fees and minute bundles, making calls no longer has to be an expensive task.

Introducing 3CX

We’ve established the importance of picking up the phone and understand the importance of this in business. Essential to the smooth running, there’s an option we’d like to discuss for smaller companies. Ideal for micro businesses 3CX StartUP covers everything from configuration to choosing the right settings. Calls and messages come through via a web client where you can directly manage set up.

How does 3CX StartUP work?

For companies with 10 or less, the use of advanced features isn’t required.Set up is straightforward and can be completed by yourself or IT provider. Within settings, users can be added easily and begin using the system. Anyone choosing to call you via 3CX will not be charged. Users are assigned a ‘talk link’ that can be placed within an email signature and across social channels. In addition to standard phone calls, you also have the option to create video conferencing. Connecting to mobiles and landlines requires account creation with a SIP trunk provider. This is something you can do yourself or pass across to IT support.

At Andromeda Solutions we can help with 3CX, making your business run smoothly whilst you keep clients happy with telephone conversations!