IT Networks and Connectivity

Connectivity & IT Networks

Andromeda Solutions can design and build networks from scratch. On top of that, we can scale a network out or even link different sites together.

Alternatively, we can refresh an existing network. From Middlesbrough to Durham, we have the North East covered. Prior to that, we’ll do an audit for you, looking for bottlenecks and areas that could be improved. A typical network is made up of numerous components: a firewall, a router, switches, wireless access points and so on.

These will deliver a local area network (LAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN), which we can troubleshoot, install or fix. As a matter of fact, we’re partners with one the leading tech companies, Cisco. We sell Cisco Meraki kit and we employ Cisco-certified engineers.

What’s more, if a company has sites around the country, we’re able to link them together using site to site virtual private networks and arrange national Wi-Fi rollouts off the back of that.

IT Networks and Communications

Andromeda provides reliable, fast internet leased lines, telephone lines, SIP trunks (used in internet telephony to connect you to the outside world) and business broadband.

And because we’re partnered with Gamma Communications – a large, national, wholesale provider of these lines – we’re able to offer value. We’re competitive.

Our well-designed networks are fast and reliable, with maximum uptime. We make sure they’re resilient and build them with no single point of failure. All in all, we’ll build anything from a simple network using a single internet connection to a sophisticated network with 100% uptime and seamless failover.

In layman’s terms, that means two internet connections, so if one connection fails, the other automatically kicks in. 

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