Strong security to keep your company safe

In business, a security breach can be devastating. The good news is that Andromeda Solutions can point out potential threats to your organisation in advance. Some of these will be internal – a staff member clicking on a dodgy email attachment, perhaps, or someone in possession of a password hacking your systems.

Others will be external, such as criminals trying to force their way on to your network. Our job is to keep the nasties out, and our experienced team can configure a host of products designed to do just that.

We’re partners with Sophos, resell McAfee products and use Cisco technology to install firewalls on company networks. For us, antivirus software, spam protection and content filtering are all in a day’s work. 

Added to that, we create custom policies for our network security devices and use best-of-breed security to stay abreast of threats. Plus, you can be sure we’ll respond instantly to any security issues that come up. They’re a top priority.

Keeping your system secure

As cyber criminals grow ever more dangerous and sophisticated, we’re on the case.

We can encrypt mobile devices, tablets and laptops. We also can deploy mobile device management (MDM) – meaning that if your gadgets get lost, we’ll remotely wipe them or sandbox the data.

Content filters will screen or block access to offensive web pages or email. Spam filters will keep work inboxes free from bugs. And if you’re worried about ransomware, we can protect you against that too.

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