Andromeda Solutions hires new IT Support Engineer

We are very pleased to announce that we have once again extended our award-winning IT team. Adam Clements started his new role on Monday 16th May as an IT support engineer and he will be integral to our plans moving forward. Adam brings his profound knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion to the role, and will be a valuable member of the Andromeda team.

Making IT work for you

Here at Andromeda Solutions, we consider ourselves to be the go-to option for businesses that need IT services in Middlesbrough. We know how important your business is, and we understand that having a robust IT system in place is crucial. And, when you need some IT support, we appreciate that you want to have a safe pair of hands to take care of your issues or concerns. We therefore need to have versatile staff members that can jump on any problem or troubleshoot any existing issues you may have quickly to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

This is where Adam comes in. If you find yourself in a spot of bother, Adam, who is well versed in good IT practises, will be able to solve and fix any issues to ensure the seamless running of any programmes that have been installed. We have been working tirelessly to identify ways to make our company more far-reaching, as well as make your business more effective, so Adam will be invaluable to us and you.

Reach out to us today for award-winning IT support

Andromeda Solutions has become a byword for IT support in the Middlesbrough region. We want to be a flagbearer for IT communications, and we have taken significant steps to do so. We provide superb customer service and we have been recognised for this with five-star ratings on Google and Facebook, as well as winning countless awards.

However, we don’t rely solely on our unrivalled IT support. We know the importance of having a happy and valued team, and that’s why we want to equip all staff with the tools they need to succeed, including providing training and development opportunities. Personal growth and creating new jobs within the IT industry is also very important to us, and the appointment of Adam highlights this.

We wish Adam the very best of luck in his new role and we look forward to watching him grow within our company.