Computers Over the Decades

Imagine landing at work to a desk FULL of files, papers and the all important roladex with not a computer in sight. There certainly wouldn’t have been the need for IT support! If you remember such times; what were they like? Over the years computers have evolved and advanced significantly, meaning today we have every piece of information required at the click of a button.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane;

1930s Calculating Machines

Considered the world’s first ever programmable computer, the calculating machine was created by Berlin born Konrad Zuse. Using his parents’ living room to design a prototype, Zeus used metal plates, pins and old film to create a machine that could easily add and subtract.

The 1940s Mathematical Robot

By the 1940s technology really started ‘hotting up’ with the introduction of the ENIAC created by John Mauchly. Designed to aid the army with ballistics and analytics, this machine had the ability to calculate thousands of problems every second. If you’re imagining a neat little desktop sized box then think again. The ENIAC required a 1,500 square foot room to accommodate its 40 cabinets, 6000 switches and 18,000 vacuum tubes. Imagine the IT Support requirements for this!

Sticking With Matchs in the 1950s

With the 30s and 40s creating computers designed to solve maths related problems, the 1950s focussed heavily on use for scientific and engineering research. In 1954 the JOHNIAC was introduced and operated successfully for 13 years by RAND researchers before its demise.

The 1960s Programma 101

Of course everything changed in the 60s! Alongside peace and music festivals the Italian made Programma 101 was introduced to the market and sold as a desktop computer to the ‘average customer’. Prior to 1965, computers remained reserved for engineers and scientists. The Programma 101 however offered features helpful to everyone. This machine was the size of a typewriter and was equipped with 37 keys and an in-built printer.

1970s Introduced The Mouse

A surge in technological advancements meant the Xerox Alto could not only print documents, it could send emails. This computer included a screen, keyboard and mouse and was designed for use by everyone including children. It’s suggested that the Xerox Alto influenced Apple designs in the 80s.  

The 1980s Apple’s Macintosh Changed the Computer Industry

In 1984, Steve Jobbs introduced the world to his Macintosh computer, a brand that has only strengthened over time. Similarly to the Xerox Alto, the Mcintosh was available to everyone and included a screen (small at 9 inches), keyboard and mouse. What was prevalent about this design was the interface of windows and icons. The Macintosh was extremely light in comparison to previous machines weighing just 22 pounds. If you were lucky enough to afford one, the Apple Macintosh would have set you back £2,092. This is the equivalent to just under £5,000 in today’s money.

Stepping into the 90s with the iMac G3

The iMac G3 was customisable and quirky with its Bondi blue clear casing. Alongside the now standard screen, keyboard and mouse, this machine included USB ports and was designed to be portable. Introduced in 1997, again by Steve Jobbs, it’s suggested that the 800,000 computers sold in the first five months of launch actually saved Apple from going under. Imagine that!

2000s and Laptops

In a bid to make computers as portable as possible, laptops increased in popularity in the early 2000s. Thanks to Steve Jobbs in 2008, the first ever MacBook Air was introduced to the world. Brave enough to remove the CD drive this machine measured 0.76 inches thick and changed the industry forever. 

Benefits of IT Support as a Service

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lock downs, businesses have forever changed the way they operate. With staff members all over the country forced to carry out duties from home, higher management and company owners have realised the benefits attached. Today we’re investigating the advantages of outsourcing IT Support as a service.

Onsite & Remote IT Support

Remote IT support involves troubleshooting and fixing computer related issues directly from another location. Technicians have the ability to remotely connect to a device when needed. If onsite help is required, a specialist will travel to the required location.

Will my business benefit from remote IT services?

Outsourcing IT support is not a service reserved for larger businesses. Smaller companies will save time and money when opting to outsource. Remote IT services provide a cost effective solution to gaining the same support levels received by corporate giants. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of remote IT support and Help Desk services.

You’ll Experience a Rapid Response

If experiencing issues, your remote specialist can jump on the problem immediately without having to travel to your place of work. This process ensures maximum uptime and uninterrupted workflow.

Operational Costs are Reduced

The savings a company makes when opting to outsource IT support is potentially rather large. Because the cost of a dedicated support contract is significantly lower than hiring a specific individual, companies are able to manage cash flow much more effectively whilst passing these savings onto customers.

Productivity Increases

Because remote IT support means there’s always someone on hand, productivity naturally increases. Updates, changes and fixes can be actioned at any time so employees are free to focus on daily tasks without interruption. With the right support contract in place that’s bespoke to the needs of your business, less time is required managing employee schedules.

Employee Benefits

Giving employees the option to work in the office, from home or using the hybrid method offers trust and respect. Creating an efficient, relaxed environment where people can work where they feel most comfortable means productivity increases alongside loyalty. Giving employees such freedom reduces staff turnover whilst creating a solid work environment.

Knowledge is Shared

With inhouse IT support, employees bring problems directly to the responsible specialist who will make the fix alone before moving on. With remote support services, knowledge is shared between the contractor and employee, helping improve staff’s overall ability to restore or maintain operations.

Early Access to New Technologies

It’s easy to rely on exissting technologies whilst carrying out the same processes over and over again. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it right? Becoming stuck in your ways means you could be missing out on not only utilising some of the newest technologies but creating further time and monetary savings. Specialist IT support companies receive all the necessary training and guidance regarding brand new technology. In turn, applications worth considering for your business are offered quickly and sometimes with discounted access.

Patches, Updates & Maintenance

Outsourced IT support services cover everything required for a safe and smooth user experience including cyber security. The provision of regular maintenance means downtime decreases whilst viruses and cyber threats are closely monitored. In addition, the risk of data breaches is reduced alongside compliance violations and damage to brand value. When researching IT support companies, choose one that provides managed security services. With cyber threats at an all time high, this is the ideal solution for smaller companies without an in house IT team. Specialists have the ability to manage integrations, permissions and more.

Andromeda Solutions Wins 2022-23 North England Prestige Award For IT Support!

Andromeda Solutions has triumphed yet again, this time at the North England Prestige Awards, where the company has scooped a prize recognising superb performance in delivering IT Support and relevant services.

What Are The Prestige Awards?

Introduced by Corporate LiveWire, the Prestige Awards have a long and highly impressive global pedigree, having handed out plaudits all around the world. From Australia, Africa and Iceland to the USA and UK, Prestige Awards have spent a number of years dedicating their work to the recognition of the very best businesses making standout achievements in their industry or sector.

The Prestige Awards are designed to highlight that often it’s the smaller to medium-sized enterprises which are making a big impact; a category of businesses all too often overlooked for the big international prizes. As a result, the team behind Prestige Awards hones attention on varying regions and cities, choosing locations where communities of independent SMEs are thriving. Recent awards in the UK have focused around Oxfordshire, Wales, Scotland, Bristol, Central England, and, of course, the North of England, for which Andromeda Solutions was nominated.

Why The Focus On SMEs?

The Prestige Awards focus on recognising the achievements of SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) as opposed to rewarding bigger names that may have a national or even global presence. This decision to focus on SMEs was born to the belief that independent companies are the real backbone of a nations economy whilst also reflecting unique strengths and other qualities that stem from their local environment.

Nominations for standout small businesses are invited from each region with the aim of finding the enterprise which has represented the best in its particular field over the previous twelve month period. In order for the judges to make the right decision, each nomination must be backed up with evidence of the business’s excellence, including positive testimonials from clients, details of any awards received or accreditation’s earned, as well as demonstrating how the company goes above and beyond their competition.

We are delighted to say that winning this coveted Prestige Award, Andromeda Solutions has proven it has fulfilled all of these requisites, showing yet again we provide the very highest quality of IT services in the North of England.

Andromeda Solution Delivers Standout IT Support

Our many glowing testimonials from delighted customers have proven the quality of our IT services and support, time and again. With praise for “outstanding”, “honest”, and “efficient” services, it’s no wonder we have coveted 5 star ratings on Facebook, Yell, and Google. Indeed, we’ve already been recognised by several other awarding bodies, earning an impressive array of titles from Three Best Rated, the Global Excellence Awards, and the Northern Enterprise Awards, to name but a few.

Working with both domestic customers and SMEs we’re able to help with every aspect of IT. From networking and security systems, VOIP telephony and servers, through to getting you set up with the most advanced Cloud software, Andromeda takes a corporate-style approach to small and medium-sized enterprise solutions, ensuring the most efficient and effective results. We also take care of routine maintenance and repairs at a time that best suits you or your business (many problems can even be dealt with remotely for maximum convenience).

Discover Andromeda Experience For Yourself

Andromeda Solutions is so confident your small to medium-sized business will love our award-winning IT support and services that we are offering a 30 Day Free trial, subject to terms and conditions. Why not get in touch to learn more about our incredible range of services. Your call will be put through to one of our skilled IT consultants straight away, rather than leaving you to deal with any call handlers. With transparent pricing and clear communication every step of the way, isn’t it time you tried our IT services for yourself?

Choosing Cloud Storage As Part Of Your IT Services: How does it work?

In recent years, more and more organisations have expanded IT Support Services, embracing the latest cloud technologies, for very good reason. The cloud delivers incredible data analytics and processing power whilst offering unlimited rapid scalability. This is done at highly cost-effective prices.

Offering superb storage solutions is another of the Cloud’s strengths. Read on to discover more about what cloud storage actually means and how it works.

What Is ‘The Cloud’?

When people talk about “the Cloud”, it’s easy to imagine our data simply being held vaguely in the atmosphere somewhere. Perhaps in the very same elusive ether that provides other modern technologies, such as wireless internet connectivity or 5G. In truth, it’s a little more down-to-earth.

The cloud is a generic name for thousands upon thousands of computers linked to the internet which can be drawn upon to deliver the processing power required by its clients. The largest “clouds” can be made up of computers distributed over a number of data centres (vast premises which store and manage these machines) in a number of different locations. By offering shared computing resources in this way, cloud computing opens up incredible performance to users whilst keeping costs low.

So rather than enduring the expense of purchasing and maintaining relevant hardware to store all company data, using the cloud allows you to simply subscribe to a storage service.

What About Cloud IT Storage?

When you choose to store your business data (which can include user, organisational, or application data) in the cloud, this means that in physical terms, data will be held on servers at a data centre location, where it will be managed securely. The data centre operators are responsible for ensuring company data remains accessible.

Accessing the data can be achieved in a number of ways, too: such as through an API (application programming interface), a CMS (content management system), or a cloud storage gateway. There are three main options when it comes to adopting cloud storage services. There is the public cloud option, the private cloud option, and the hybrid cloud option. Understanding the differences between the three will help you to make the best choice for your organisation.

Public Cloud

Public cloud is the easiest to get started with and makes a good choice for small to medium-sized businesses, or where it is largely unstructured data which will be stored. In this provision, the data is kept on machines owned and operated by the service provider (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, or Google). This means your company’s data could be held across a number of different data centres, or even different countries. This is useful, however, as it reduces the chance of substantial data loss should a disaster such as fire or flood affect a single data-holding location. In this type of storage service, you will usually “pay as you use”, making it a very cost-efficient choice, although transaction charges may also feature.

Private Cloud

The private cloud option allows a business or organisation to create their own in-house cloud, keeping data securely behind a firewall. This option is better suited to larger companies, as it requires stringent security and managed IT services, and of course, taking on the expense of both purchasing the necessary machines and maintaining them.

Hybrid Cloud Model

Finally, a hybrid cloud model blends public and private clouds to create a bespoke environment that can deliver high levels of flexibility and data deployment options. However, the task of administering a hybrid cloud can be extremely challenging because it is important to ensure that both public and private platforms and applications work together properly.

Practicalities of Cloud Storage IT Services

Whilst it’s clear that choosing to store your organisation’s data in the cloud can offer some superb benefits, it’s still important to assess whether it’s the right choice for your needs. Assess the costs of cloud storage, including the expense of setting up and running your own machines if you want to create a private or hybrid cloud environment, likely requiring a dedicated IT services team. Be sure to create a cloud safety policy for all staff to follow, in order to ensure that accessing data in this way is managed securely. That being said, for purposes such as backing up files, DR (disaster recovery), or archiving “cold” (infrequently used) data, the cloud is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.

Our expert team here at Andromeda IT Solutions will be very happy to understand your organisational needs and offer appropriate cloud-based solutions to ensure you achieve a truly cost-effective solution.

Discover The Benefits Of IT Support For Small Businesses

There’s no getting away from it: these days, no matter what industry your business may be operating in, the chances are that it will be dependent on an ever-growing complement of technology. From managing your cloud services and maintaining your brand’s website, through to managing equipment and staying on top of cyber security, this means that there are plenty of tasks to be added to your “must do” list.

Furthermore, the recent Covid pandemic has accelerated this trend for digitisation, meaning that more and more organisations now have remote working to facilitate, or a greater range of online services to offer to their customers, increasing the pressure on business owners to keep everything running as it should.

Of course, having the latest technology will bring a host of benefits to your organisation, from happier staff, better engagement with customers, and improved productivity.

However, maintaining it all can prove challenging, particularly if you aren’t technology-minded. That’s why IT support services can be a valuable addition to your company’s armoury of experts.

Outsource IT Support & Save Money

Thankfully, even small businesses operating on a shoestring budget can enjoy the benefits of a digitised organisation. Rather than employing an in-house IT support team, many IT companies offer a cost-effective solution in which you outsource your needs to their specialists. As a result, not only do you save money on salaries (which can be high for an experienced and skilled IT technician), but in many cases, you can pay simply for the support you need, when you need it. This makes an ideal solution for firms which may only occasionally run into tech problems, or which need assistance when new hardware or software is being set up.

There When Your Business Needs IT

There are countless times when your business could need technical help, and fast. Whether it’s a broken desktop, or a malware attack that’s stopping your usual operations, it’s imperative that a solution is found quickly if you want to minimise disruption to your business, as well as loss of income.

There are many options when it comes to IT services, meaning that whatever your business needs, you can find the perfect solution. From hiring a consultant to get you set up and running with a brand new infrastructure, through to simply paying for a backup and recovery service which is well worth investing in to protect your business against data loss, there are almost no limits to the type of service you can choose.

You can have a service that sees the third party IT firm completely take over the day-to-day running of all your IT, or simply cherry-pick the IT services that you need the most, such as setting up email, providing networking solutions, or delivering virtual desktop provision and management. Many IT companies will be able to provide remote assistance, or work at evenings or weekends, ensuring that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

You may decide an IT audit is a good idea, especially if you are expecting to grow your business soon. Here, an expert can assess what you may need to change or adopt in order to achieve your business objectives. Such an audit can also reveal issues such as inadequate security measures, thanks to the use of advanced diagnostic tools.

Furthermore, these professionals will also be able to train your in-house team so that your technology investments are fully optimised – another reason why choosing IT support services makes for a cost-effective decision.

It’s a good idea to talk to a few IT companies in the first instance to find out just what is available and get a quote for the kind of support you want. Be sure to ask for testimonials from their existing clients before committing, too.

A Smart Choice for your IT Solutions

In the past, even the smallest of businesses have realised that bringing in outside expertise can be unavoidable (think accountants and lawyers, for example). And in the modern world, this means that having access to specialist tech support should now be considered equally essential. When you think of the havoc that IT problems could wreak on your business – anything from lost sales due to your website going down, through to the potentially ruinous financial and legal repercussions of a data breach – it certainly makes sense to be prepared, and let the experts take care of your IT services.

With so many different options available, there’s sure to be a support solution that’s perfect for your business. Why not speak to the friendly experts here at Andromeda IT Solutions today to find out more?

Our Senior IT Support Engineer Passes His Latest IT Course With Distinction

Here at Andromeda Solutions, we love to celebrate our achievements, and right now we are all feeling extremely proud of our talented Senior IT Support Engineer, Ryan Headlam. After dedicating himself to an IT engineering course, his hours of hard work have paid off, with Ryan being awarded a Distinction level pass for his efforts.

A dedicated Senior IT Support Engineer

As our Senior IT Support Engineer, Ryan leads our technical team, and as such, sets the tone for our superb, award-winning customer experience. With a focus on delivering the highest quality technical IT support, Ryan and all of the team here at Andromeda Solutions provide a friendly service that is transparent and free of confusing jargon.

Ryan has proven himself to be a real asset to Andromeda Solutions, and we are incredibly proud to have him on the team. He has taken on this challenging course and received a remarkable Distinction whilst working hard for us, highlighting his dedication to developing his impressive engineering skills. His new qualification will no doubt help Ryan to offer an even better quality of technical IT support, so our customers will also be benefiting from his hard work and talent.

A proud result for Andromeda Solutions

We are also proud to learn that the examining board for Ryan’s course recognised the support that he received from his colleagues here at Andromeda Solutions. His examiners praised Andromeda Solutions for our support and guidance, and were particularly impressed with the skills that he has been able to acquire through working with us.

Along with our many prestigious awards, this recognition from an examination board is simply further proof that Andromeda Solutions should be the first choice for anyone looking for the best IT support in Middlesbrough. We provide IT services for both businesses and domestic computer users, whether it is PC repairs, one-off project work, or ongoing technical support. We offer services for all aspects of technical support, ranging from networks and connectivity, cloud service, VOIP telephone systems, servers, and security. So, whatever your needs, we can provide the perfect solution. We apply a corporate IT style approach to our IT support, which gives our customers a great value and highly efficient results with less downtime.

We love what we do here at Andromeda Solutions and our many satisfied customers feel the same way, as shown by a host of glowing testimonials. And, as Ryan’s superb achievement shows so well, we don’t just rest on our laurels: instead, we continue to strive to be the very best we can be.

If you want to find out more about our impressive IT services, please contact us on 01642 903810 today.

Discover Our IT Support With A 30 Day Free Trial

If you are a business owner, then you will be all too aware of the importance of having an IT infrastructure that you can rely on. And right now, you can discover an award-winning IT services provider with no charge for 30 days: an offer that you certainly won’t want to miss! Try Andromeda Solutions free for 30 days with our amazing welcome offer for new SME customers.

Covering all your IT support needs

Whether it’s help with a one-off project, or you need ongoing IT services, then Andromeda Solutions can create the perfect solution for your business needs. We have a team of specialists ready to provide services and support for networks and connectivity, servers, and cyber security, in addition to helping you get up and running with advanced cloud software with Microsoft Office 365, and VOIP telephone systems. Our key differentiator is that we take a corporate approach to SME IT in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, including better efficiency with less costly downtime.

The Andromeda Experience

Whatever you need, you will find that dealing with Andromeda Solutions is always a positive experience. There are no call handlers here to field your call: instead, you will be connected to a qualified IT consultant straight away. We won’t blind you with the science, either. Instead, we pride ourselves on being fully clear and transparent at every step of the way, without any confusing jargon.

Our pricing is transparent and we are always flexible in our approach. We can deliver your IT support at a time that best suits you, including at weekends and evenings, and we can often solve problems remotely for maximum convenience. No wonder we have so many glowing testimonials from our customers praising the Andromeda Solutions team for “outstanding”, “honest” and “efficient” IT services.

Choose Andromeda Solutions for award-winning IT support in Teesside

We are immensely proud of the recognition that we’ve gained over the years, with an ever-growing list of prestigious awards to our name. We have recently been named “Best IT Support Services Provider 2022 – Middlesbrough”, in the Global Excellence Awards, adding to our titles including “Best IT Company Of The Year 2022 -UK” by EMG Publishing, and “Best IT Support In Middlesbrough” by Three Best Rated. These coveted awards highlight the quality of service that Andromeda delivers time and time again, and we have gained these titles following thorough and unbiased assessments of our business.  

Why not discover the Andromeda Solutions experience for yourself? If you are an SME, then you can try us without paying a penny, thanks to our 30s day free trial offer. This offer is only open to new SME customers and is subject to terms and conditions. So, what are you waiting for? You can find out first hand just what makes our company so special and experience our outstanding IT services today. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, you can call us on 01642 903810 or email us at [email protected].

Andromeda Solutions hires new IT Support Engineer

We are very pleased to announce that we have once again extended our award-winning IT team. Adam Clements started his new role on Monday 16th May as an IT support engineer and he will be integral to our plans moving forward. Adam brings his profound knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion to the role, and will be a valuable member of the Andromeda team.

Making IT work for you

Here at Andromeda Solutions, we consider ourselves to be the go-to option for businesses that need IT services in Middlesbrough. We know how important your business is, and we understand that having a robust IT system in place is crucial. And, when you need some IT support, we appreciate that you want to have a safe pair of hands to take care of your issues or concerns. We therefore need to have versatile staff members that can jump on any problem or troubleshoot any existing issues you may have quickly to avoid any unnecessary downtime.

This is where Adam comes in. If you find yourself in a spot of bother, Adam, who is well versed in good IT practises, will be able to solve and fix any issues to ensure the seamless running of any programmes that have been installed. We have been working tirelessly to identify ways to make our company more far-reaching, as well as make your business more effective, so Adam will be invaluable to us and you.

Reach out to us today for award-winning IT support

Andromeda Solutions has become a byword for IT support in the Middlesbrough region. We want to be a flagbearer for IT communications, and we have taken significant steps to do so. We provide superb customer service and we have been recognised for this with five-star ratings on Google and Facebook, as well as winning countless awards.

However, we don’t rely solely on our unrivalled IT support. We know the importance of having a happy and valued team, and that’s why we want to equip all staff with the tools they need to succeed, including providing training and development opportunities. Personal growth and creating new jobs within the IT industry is also very important to us, and the appointment of Adam highlights this.

We wish Adam the very best of luck in his new role and we look forward to watching him grow within our company.

Best Award-Winning IT Support Services Provider 2022 – Middlesbrough

Andromeda Solutions has done it again! We are incredibly proud to announce that our company has been awarded the title of “Best IT Support Services Provider 2022 – Middlesbrough”, in the prestigious Global Excellence Awards.

Another Impressive Award

The Global Excellence Awards are the flagship program run by Acquisition International magazine and aim to recognise the very best companies around the world. With a digital circulation of over 108,500 corporate professionals and C-suite leaders, Acquisition International has been running its Global Excellence Awards for five years now. The candidate lists for each award are drawn up by magazine staff, rather than relying on external nominations, which means that these awards are a real honour for the companies chosen.

Winners are chosen through an impartial merits-based system, following careful research into each of the nominees. With a stringent selection criteria, which requires strong evidence of a commitment to innovation, as well as a proven history of achievements, this win once again marks Andromeda Solution as a business to watch.

A Winning Business

This new award is the latest in an impressive list, including winning the title of Three Best Rated’s “Best IT Support In Middlesbrough” for three consecutive years. We’ve also scooped the title of “Best IT Company Of The Year 2022 -UK” in the EMG Publishing awards, as well as plaudits in the Prestige Awards and Northern Enterprise Awards.

This success simply reflects our commitment to delivering a superb service to all of our customers, both business and domestic. We offer a comprehensive range of IT support services, from routine maintenance and repair work through to facilitating cloud service, VOIP telephone systems, and managing networks and security. When you call Andromeda Solutions, you’ll speak to a highly trained IT specialist straight away, and we pride ourselves on delivering a transparent, flexible service every step of the way.

Discover Our Award-Winning IT Support

Why not try our superb IT services for yourself? We bring a corporate-style approach to IT support, and tailor it for the SME environment. It’s clearly a winning formula as our proven track record shows and our customers love working with us. A fact which is illustrated by our many glowing testimonials as well as a 5-star rating for business excellence.

And there’s never been a better time to partner with Andromeda Solutions, as we are offering a 30-day risk-free trial for new SME customers, subject to terms and conditions. Whether you are looking for ongoing IT support, or help with a specific project, if you’re looking for IT services in Middlesbrough, why not get in touch and discover how we can make it happen.

30 Day Free Trial Of Award-Winning IT Support

With an impressive awards collection, Andromeda Solutions is one of the leading firms providing IT support in Teesside. Our company prides itself on putting our customers at the very heart of everything we do, and the results speak for themselves. As well as holding 5-star ratings on Google, Facebook and, we have recently been awarded the prize of one of Three Best Rated’s Best IT Services in Middlesbrough for the third year in a row. Not only that, but our glowing customer testimonials highlight our values, with reviews describing us as “outstanding”, “honest” and “efficient.”

A Focus On Our Customers

So just what is it that makes Andromeda Solutions stand out from the competition? Well, first of all, we take a corporate approach to IT systems and apply the best of these principles to dealing with SME IT solutions. The result is clear to see: more efficient IT systems with less costly downtime.

Our attitude to our customers makes a huge difference, too. Whenever you call Andromeda Solutions, you will be put straight through to an experienced IT consultant, rather than leaving you to deal with call handlers. This approach saves you time, as we can get right to work on solving your IT issue, whatever it may be. And our computer experts don’t just offer the specialist know-how that’s needed to get the job done: we also ensure that your IT support is conducted with a flexible mindset, and with full transparency at every stage. We will work with you to solve your issue at a time that best suits you, either on-site or remotely, to make the experience as convenient as possible.

Try Our IT Support For Yourself!

There’s never been a better time to experience the Andromeda Solutions service for your business. Right now, we are offering a 30-day free trial for new SME customers, making this the perfect opportunity to discover the tailored IT services that we offer. This offer is entirely risk-free, subject to terms and conditions, and makes an ideal introduction to the Andromeda Solutions experience.

From taking care of your networks, servers, and cyber security, through to VOIP telephone services and cloud solutions, Andromeda Solutions can provide one-off project work or ongoing support. Why not get in touch today and discover how we could provide the ideal IT services for your SME.