Helping charities and non-profit organisations access discounted Microsoft licences

Microsoft offers an impressive suite of products that are ideal for meeting the needs of a wide range of organisations. However, you may not be aware that if the organisation in question is a registered charity or non-profit organisation, it can be possible to get a useful discount on the cost of the associated licences. Andromeda Solutions helps charities and non-profit organisations access discounted Microsoft licences, allowing them to use Microsoft products at a reduced cost.

The Microsoft 365 licensing discount scheme

As all organisation’s need similar computing solutions in the modern world, Microsoft has decided to make its products more accessible to charities and non-profit organisations which might otherwise struggle to justify the cost of its software licences. The tech giant offers Microsoft 365 licensing for its Business Premium product for free to the first ten users, and at a healthy discounted rate for any additional users.

This is offered alongside a range of other useful benefits. There are also lower prices available for charities wishing to use other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

A host of IT support benefits

In addition to the lower prices, Microsoft also offers a range of other useful benefits to charities and non-profit organisations, including providing valuable IT support in the form of training. Microsoft runs a Digital Skills Center for non-profits, which provides courses on topics ranging from data management to collaboration tools. There is also a helpful crash course to get charities familiar with using Microsoft 365.

A quality product

Of course, the benefits of using Microsoft 365 speak for themselves. As one of the foremost cloud solutions, Microsoft 365 gives organisations agile, scalable storage, processing power and security tailored to meet the needs of the modern workplace. This includes facilitating effective remote work and mobile access.

Helping non-profits access discounts

Andromeda Solutions are a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider, and a Microsoft Partner, which means that we are perfectly placed to help charities and non-profit organisations access these beneficial discounts. We can help establish whether your organisation meets Microsoft’s criteria for eligibility, and guide you through the registration and implementation process. Our IT support for charities means that they can soon enjoy the powerful data management and processing that cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365 provide.

Get in touch with us today on 01642 903810 to see how we can help your charity or non-profit organisation.