The benefits of using Windows Server 2019 within your business

The latest server operating system evolution from Microsoft, Windows Server 2019 offers an impressive range of benefits. With a focus on Hybrid cloud environments and superb security features, it represents a cost-effective choice for organisations.

What Is Windows Server 2019?

Windows Server 2019 is the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system and is a popular choice for use in on-site data centres and cloud-based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) implementations. It acts as a bridge between your business and Azure, enabling you to modernise your applications and make the best of your infrastructure, whilst enjoying advanced multilayer security measures.

Benefits of using the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server

The advanced multi-layer security is a key advantage of Microsoft’s latest offering. Allowing you to protect your data centre effectively, the measures begin with the operating system itself. This version of Windows Server can be used with Windows Defender ATP Exploit Guard, which is a cloud-based service that provides continuous monitoring against attacks.

Thanks to the focus on Hybrid cloud deployments, the 2019 version allows you to get the best of cloud-native applications, as well as the optimisation of existing applications, thanks to its use of containers and microservices. Indeed, Microsoft is leading the field of innovation when it comes to containers. The operating system allows you to cut IT operational overheads and boost functionality, thanks to its smaller ServerCore image. In fact, the savings to virtual machine overheads are estimated at an impressive 50-80% with this version.

Choosing Microsoft Windows Server will also give you the advantage of a more sophisticated platform than open-source solutions such as Linux. However, there is a subsystem for Linux available, which can offer businesses a greater degree of integration of networks, file system storage and security protocols.

Management Functionality

A wide range of management tools are also at your disposal, with administrators able to choose between popular options such as PowerShell and Server Manager. This allows you to seamlessly migrate your Windows Server apps and Azure, saving you considerable time in comparison to AWS. Windows Admin Centre enables you to manage your Azure features as well as your on-site servers, and has the advantage of being accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Windows Admin Centre allows you to make the most of Azure’s superb cloud computing capabilities, such as storage and monitoring, as well as the essential back up and disaster recovery.

It’s clear, then, that the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server can offer your business a wide range of benefits. From advanced security measures to greater efficiency and leaner containers, all available at a cost-effective price, it makes an ideal choice for any organisation looking to optimise its hybrid-cloud environment.

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