What you need to know about Microsoft 365 backup

With an impressive range of features coupled with a familiar, easy to use interface, there’s no question that Microsoft 365 makes an excellent choice for your business’ software needs. However, you might be surprised to learn that although Microsoft 365 is a secure platform with automated backup functionality, this simply isn’t sufficient for most organisations’ requirements. This could lead to significant problems should your files be lost to malware or ransomware, as well as posing a threat to meeting essential data compliance requirements.

Is my data already backed up with Microsoft 365?

In answer to the question “does Microsoft backup Office 365?”, the simple answer is: not really. Microsoft 365 regularly backs up your files, but the retention period is extremely short. Files are only held for 30 days before they are lost forever, and for those using Microsoft SharePoint Online, this retention period drops to 14 days.

After this period elapses, there is simply no way for you to recover this data, which can certainly prove problematic should the worst happen. If your business were to be targeted by hackers, you could lose access to everything from spreadsheets and documents to emails and important calendar dates.

Backup Microsoft is not responsible for Office 365

In fact, when it comes to backing up data, it’s you the business owner who bears the responsibility. There is a shared responsibility model which deals with aspects such as the network, operating system and physical data centre, and the Microsoft 365 policy on backing up more than fulfils its side of those requirements. However, this means that the onus is on businesses to protect their data.

How do I back up Microsoft 365?

The good news is that there are dedicated solutions available to ensure that your backup for Microsoft Office 365 is taken care of. Quick and easy to install, these solutions offer flexible periods, as well as making it simple to access specific data files – an essential requirement for meeting compliance regulations. Any Microsoft 365 business owners should benefit from the peace of mind that such software solutions can offer, as well as reassurance that they can be scaled to meet their changing needs, should their business grow.

Microsoft 365 backup is essential

It’s vital that you ensure that your business is protected from costly disruption if disaster strikes. It should be considered a simple part of your IT support protocols and prioritised as highly as any other cyber security measures. The best way to be sure that your files are properly backed up is to choose a software solution that will safeguard all your valuable data. Doing so is quick and easy, and will provide you with peace of mind as you focus on getting on with business.

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