Why choose the 3CX phone system as part of your organisation’s IT portfolio

When you’re running a business, it’s crucial that you can be reached by clients, customers and other members of your team. While traditional telephone services may not be adequate for meeting the needs of a modern organisation, choosing a 3CX phone system can not only provide your enterprise with all the functionality it needs, but can also deliver at a very cost-effective price point. With IT support for the system also available, it makes a smart choice for any modern organisation.

Why choose the 3CX phone system for your business

The 3CX phone system makes an excellent choice for any organisation looking for a great value, scalable communications solution. The system allows businesses to improve customer experience and boost productivity while reducing costs and minimising management requirements. The system boasts an impressive suite of features such as video conferencing, live chat and business SMS, all included at no additional cost. The voice apps included in the system allow you and your team to work remotely without sacrificing productivity.

What is 3CX?

3CX is an award-winning VoIP software developer and is a global leader in business communications, offering its customers a complete platform for simple, flexible and affordable video, voice calls and live chat. It offers a range of solutions dedicated to optimising business, such as app-free web conferencing, apps for facilitating secure mobile and remote working and a designated business text messaging service. Furthermore, with advanced call centre features and reporting capabilities, your customers will be in good hands, too.

How does 3CX work?

3CX can be deployed anywhere by installing it on a Raspberry Pi or basing the system on a cloud-based server. It is easy to do, thanks to the set-up wizard and it is easy to manage, with a range of IT support tools and a hosted solution also available. The system works with both Linux and Windows, and offers auto configuration of phones and SIP trunks.

It’s clear, then, that 3CX provides an excellent solution for any organisation that wants to optimise its communications. With a host of valuable features available at an affordable price, even management of the system can be taken care of with hosted options available. By choosing 3CX, you are ensuring that you and your team can always be in touch, allowing your business to grow and thrive.

Andromeda Solutions are an expert partner of 3CX, our certified team can install this phone system for you at your premises using your server infrastructure, or in the cloud. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Are you missing THE call?

How much big business are you missing out on because of your current phone system

  • Do you miss calls because you are away from your desk? 
  • Are you missing calls because you don’t have call waiting? 
  • Are you missing business because you don’t have call queues?
  • Are you able to direct calls to different departments?
  • Can you identify if the call is for sale, service, accounts etc.?
  • Do you have call transfer? 
  • Do you have call recording? 
  • Do you have call conferencing? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you need to ask yourself ‘Why’?

With the right phone system, we can help to ensure you never miss an important call again. From the perfect voice mail options through to call forwarding, we have the right solution for everyone.

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keypad of a VOIP phone

How do i choose the Best VOIP provider?

Opting to break from a traditional telephone system certainly helps. Companies save money in terms of call costs.

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and involves the delivery of communications via the internet. This service is becoming more popular, especially in this technological age.

Today we are providing you with some helpful hints and tips on choosing the best provider by showing you specifically what to look for.

Determine Call Rates

This may seem obvious but in order to make noticeable savings on call costs you need to fully understand the offering. Upon conversing with VOIP providers make them aware of call patterns and behaviours specific to your company. It’s also helpful to mention any destinations outside the UK that are contacted on a frequent basis. Make sure you have a firm grip on the potential call costs before going ahead.

Quality is King

It may be that from the three quotes received, one is notably cheaper. Ask yourself why this is and investigate quality levels. Cheaper costs are fantastic for every company but not at the risk of poor quality when speaking with clients and potential customers. If your business happens to be rely on ‘over the phone’ customer service, optimal voice quality is an absolute must.

Ensure VOIP Provider Reliability

With an array of VOIP providers all over the UK and indeed worldwide, it’s a highly competitive marketplace. What you need to make sure they’re reliable. Are they an established company with numerous online reviews? Worst case scenario sees you taking a punt on a provider based on cost and quality and they disappear leaving you without telephone access. Do some research first.

Availability & Business Relationship

It’s important to know the availability of a VOIP provider should you need help or find there’s an issue. As business owners and managers we often experience gut feelings when speaking to different companies about required services. Trust these instincts and back them up with relevant research online. Approaching VOIP services in this way help to ensure the growth of long term business relationships.

There are a number of technical aspects to consider when beginning a VOIP journey. The right company, however, will not baffle you with these as opposed to telling you the important factors specific to your business.

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